• Kink and the Kitty

When Sir Is Away

Updated: Jan 8

My sleep used to be restless. I'd stay up way too late and sleep unsoundly. Staring at the clock, playing games with the numbers written on its face. Every sound was dangerous. I would feel scared, waking up alone in the night searching to pull my loved one closer, questioning if some darkness had snuck into my room to destroy me. My unconscious mind playing tricks on me in the shadows and toying wildly with my dreams when I would finally drift into the abyss.

Daddy has a list. A list of rules for how his kitten should care for His property. The whinny brat arguing nightly about why she should take her vitamins. The big bullets always getting stuck in my throat. "But I flossed this moooooorning". I mean does anyone really floss twice a day? But I do..often reluctantly to a stern "Now Kitten!". It pleases Him and I do not wish to displease Him.

And now Sir is away and kitten has been left alone to her own devices. But I've been good. Every night following my routine better than when He's home. I wiggle down into the covers and sip my snooze and snuggle tea, puffing on a bowl of mothers milk. The clock turns to 1am and I turn off the light. It's bedtime and Sir would be pleased to know I've listened in his absence. His rules imprinted on my heart.

And I sleep. My anxieties calm. I see now how much his rules have helped me. I am stronger. I am peaceful. I am not scared. There is no boogyman. I am not alone for He is with me always. I close my eyes and snuggle further in. The velvet and down soothing me into a peaceful slumber.

I sleep.

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Your Kinky Kitty,

Jessica RAVAGE