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KatK Reviews: The Satisfyer

Updated: Jan 8

The Satisfyer 2 – Next Generation

 It’s no wonder why this clitoral stimulator is a best seller on Having not used the Womanizer and Satisfyer toys before, I was a little confused by its design and thought it looked more like a thermometer the doctor uses than a sex toy, but to my pleasant surprise, this toy really lives up to its name.


The Satisfier 2 is an air-pulse clitoral stimulator. Its oval-shaped tip fits perfectly around the clitoris. It gently vacuums the clit into it much like a mouth would in oral sex, with a suck and release. While it does aim to mimic the sensations of oral sex, the vibration it provides far surpass the abilities of the tongue. Even though the body of this toy is similar to something a medical practitioner would use,  the white neck and rose gold colored head leave it feeling more feminine and accessible. The tip is made out of silicone and the handle is made from a soft plastic that is easy to grip. I imagine that the sensations would vary based on the size of the clit, but for me, this was just right. The light suction and long neck allow for you to just relax and let the toy do all the work for you.  The base easily twists off to insert 2 AAA batteries and the waterproof design makes it a fun toy to use just about anywhere.


I was shocked that The Satisfyer Two is only $39.95 on (which is cheaper than its competitors) I would have ventured that it ran somewhere around $60. Coming in at almost half the price of the Satisfyer Pro, The value of this product is well worth a $40 investment.


The Satisfyer Two had a deep rumble to its vibration. The lower settings are hardly audible but the higher it goes the louder the shakes of the batteries are, which is quite annoying. I find rattling batteries to be a major distraction that can ruin the mood.


The Satisfyer Two has a simple on/off button that you hold down with controls to increase and decrease the intensity. If it were my design I would have put the controls the other way around so that as you are using it, the increase button is closest to you. It doesn’t make sense to put them near the head, furthest away from you when in use. The advantage, compared to Satisfyer’s other toys, is that with the up and down buttons you can navigate the 11 settings without having to circle through them.


The tip of this toy is removable and can be easily cleaned with a silicone safe toy cleaner. After removing the tip you can use a q-tip to clean inside of the head as well. Though not available on, the removable tips are replaceable for $12.95.


The sensation of this toy was incredibly unique and unlike any other toy I have used. The feeling of it locking on to my clit really took away the need to press onto it or move it around to find the right spot. Instantly it was stimulating the entirety of my clit with no need to adjust. I found that I didn’t need the high-intensity vibration (like I normally do) with this clever little gadget. Usually, with vibrators, I have to crane my wrist and slightly bend into it with my body to get the right angle as well as hold on tightly to keep the vibrating object in my hand. With this one, I was fully relaxed and comfortable and barely needing to hold onto the long neck. I was brought quickly to orgasm yet at a steady pace. Typically toys send me from a 7 to a 10 being orgasm, but this was a steady build from a 6-7-8-9-10. My orgasm was wildly intense and had me squirting into a puddle with no internal penetration. As I came down from my climax I looked at the toy in my hand and verbally exclaimed “Holy Shit!”

Design 8/10

Price 10/10

Volume 6/10

Controls 5/10

Cleaning 10/10

Orgasm 8/10

Overall I would strongly recommend this toy and am excited to add it to my collection. This toy gets an average of 7.8. Its sleek design and unique sensation make it a “pleasure” to use. Overall I would recommend this toy and am excited to add it to my collection. Purchase this toy HERE on and follow me @kinkandthekitty to stay up to date on all my writing and to let me know your thoughts!

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