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Moan For Me

Updated: Jan 8

"I hate when He does this.", I think to myself as He pumps in and out of me, not making a sound, His breath as still as the Arctic the night the Titanic sank. "How is He not even breathing heavy?". I moan to fill the silence. "If I were pounding someone like this I would be out of breath!". In. Out. In Out. "If I stopped moaning I wonder if he would notice how quiet it is". I stare back up at Him and hold my noises in. He stares back at me. The intentional awkwardness escalates and it comes to his attention. "Are you not into this?", He inquires, His tattooed arms braced on either side of me. "Are you not into it?" I ask back. "What makes you think I'm not into it?", He questions. "Well, you're not making a sound! I can't even hear you breathing!".

Moan! Scream! Pant even or just exhale from your throat. Make some noise people. It lets your partner know you're having a good time. (Though a little too much and she might be trying to get you off faster.) Am I being a good slut for you, Sir? Tell me! Nothing gets me hotter than the sound of a wolf growling in my ear. Devour me. I am yours.

Here's the best part though: In the past, we'd likely both get self-conscious and frustrated and throw in the towel. Not today Batman! He didn't get self-conscious or embarrassed or if He did I certainly didn't know at the time. He realized how much He was in His head and got back in the game, making an effort to really connect with me. And while it wasn't the best sex we've ever had it was a good lesson. If it's not going the way you hoped it would tell your partner. They want to please you. And if your partner tells you what you could be doing better or what they want, listen. Don't throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes because you're ashamed. And if they tell you too often...well, then, there's always a ballgag.

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Your Kinky Kitty,

Jessica RAVAGE