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Little Space

Updated: Jan 8

The sex was hot. It was rough and aggressive. His hand pulsing around my neck, daring to edge me just a little longer each time. I'd close my eyes and gasp for air as the euphoria and adrenaline set in. My pussy dripping around His cock from the sensation. I trust Him completely. Unable to ask permission I cum and tighten even further around Him. I tell Him I need it, that I need Him to cum and He does, leaving me in a disheveled heap. After we float back to earth I clean myself up and wander into the living room.

"Daddy?", I say in my sweetest voice, unaware of the fact that I'm looking at Him through my eyelashes and twisting slightly from side to side. "Did you shrink?", He asks. He knows. He always knows. "Yes, Daddy", I reply. "It's ok to be little.", He reassures me.

Sometimes it just happens, when I'm stressed or sick or in the after-throes of an intense scene. We've grown to fondly refer to it as my "creature space". My eyes grow big and sparkle like that of an anime cartoon. My voice gets high and candied and my mannerisms slip into a playful arena. I dance and bounce and spin and twirl. Sometimes I color or want to slip into a steamy bath or just be pet and caressed like a kitten in his lap. I giggle and so does he.

My inner child is nurtured. She is safe and warm and fully embodied and expressed. I'm unrestrained by the rules and heaviness of the world. I am not confined to the way I am supposed to behave. In this space I am given permission to let someone else take control, to make the decisions. For me, it's not sexual and I don't occupy this space for long periods of time. Rarely am I little when I wake up, but occasionally it can be a challenge to slip back into the role of a strong, confident, decisive woman.

Psychology research has begun to show the mental benefits of the practices of BDSM. We're not the deranged perverts the world had come to know us by, though I'd likely find "deranged pervert" to be a compliment. There are healing aspects to so many of our practices and I find the exploration of self to be abundantly rewarding. To feel safe to fall into the moments of our youth, to nourish the little girl, the baby, the toddler inside of us, to heal the trauma of our childhood or just the stresses of our day, what a gift it truly is.

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Your Kinky Kitty,

Jessica RAVAGE