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KatK Reviews: A Kink in the Cure

Updated: Jan 8

It was sweltering in 3 Kings Tavern last night. The air was moist and steamy, and the show hadn't even begun. Usually, this would have bothered me, but with the nature of the show, it was almost fitting. Tim Murray, the creator of “A Kink in the Cure,” and therapeutic kink practitioner, took the stage and dove into a rhythmic poem. My skin lit up as chills washed down my arms confusing my nerves in the heated room. The unintentional sensation play led the corners of my lips into a grin and immediately captured my attention.

“A Kink in the Cure,” is an ever-evolving, one-person show, that seamlessly weaves together education in kink with real-life stories from survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. This play highlights how kink and BDSM led them to find freedom and healing. KITC examines where traditional modes of therapy end and where the transformational power of Kink begins.

Before diving into these tales, similar in style to the “Vagina Monologues,” Tim asked the audience for consent to continue and received an enthusiastic and resounding “YES!”. As a participant in the BDSM lifestyle, I found this to be the perfect way to commence a show of this nature.

Adding a shirt here, a cap there, picking up a flogger, rope, or even an accent, Tim embodied the spirit and vulnerability of each survivor in a captivating manner. Utilizing storytelling, he leads us through the importance of negotiation; how BDSM allows its patrons to relive trauma and heal through the power of their consent. He demonstrates the lessons learned in communication, the ability to overcome guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, assault, and more. 'This piece explores the question, “Can kink and BDSM be used intentionally to help and heal people?”' The answer is yes.

Tim Murray explains, “During my time in BDSM circles, survivors of sexual assault and abuse have asked me to help them regain the power and confidence they felt they lost during their assault. I wanted to know how people get through the darkness in their past, and if they might find their path on either end of a whip."

Tim and I share a similar mission, to normalize kink and BDSM and to help people move past shame around their sexuality. He closed the show asking us to keep an open mind and to remember the impact that our play can have on others, both beneficial and detrimental. And just as he so eloquently lured us in, he released us back into the night.

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Your Kinky Kitty,

Jessica RAVAGE

Director, Author, Actor – Tim Murray

Technical & Media Director – Ali Wyles

Booking Manager – Angela Geis

Organizational Consultant – Aicila Lewis

Life Artist & Poet – Carmell Clark

Executive Producer – James Wyles