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Bound to Him: An Erotic Short

Updated: Jan 8

I catch my heart hammering in my ears like a drum. The sound of my breath is low and deep as it rattles inside of my skull. The plugs in my ears have dampened all noise, making it hollow and indiscernible. My tongue traces the shape of my full lips to moisten them. I'm not sure how long I've been like this. The soft fabric over my eyes pulls the day away, and they flutter, searching for the light. I can't touch the ground with my fingertips as they are bound to my elbows behind my back, but I can feel the leather, smooth and soft, under my bare knees. I can make out the scent of latex under the sandalwood floating in the air.

I note the vibration of a door closing behind me. As my stomach flips, I straighten my back and hold my chin up, remembering His intolerance of poor posture. He hasn't touched me, but I can feel Him behind me and my skin shivers in anticipation. Crouching behind me, Sir uses His hot breath to tease the curve of my neck, and I am instantly wet. His fingertips barely graze the flesh of my thighs, and my skin is alive and yearning for more. And just like that, it's gone.

I listen intently, trying to ascertain where Sir has gone and what is coming next. The hardwood floor rumbles with His footsteps as He returns. Sir stands over me for a moment, and my awareness of Him is overwhelming. My Wolf feeds on my fear. Before I can take another breath in, the burning trail of wax on my nipple confounds me. I suck in deeply to let out an intense groan of pain. Again on my inner thighs, along the line of my hips, I begin to wiggle and writhe and moan. His hand finds the nape of my hair, and His fingers intertwine pulling my head back for His mouth to meet my ear, "Hold still." He orders firmly, and I obey.

The stinging sensation returns as it traces along both collar bones, but this time I exhale deeply and don't move. My focus shifts and I let my mind go soft, allowing the pain to wash over and through me. "Good girl." I hear him answer and I slip further into the void just before His tongue plunges into my mouth. A moan escapes my lips and falls into Him, my tongue, hungry and anxious to dance with His. Sir's generous hand wraps around the chain collar locked on my neck, and like that, I am on my feet. I stumble a bit as He drives me onto the bed. Without my arms to support my self, my face buries into the satin sheets. I press my ass firmly into the air, offering it to my Master.

My mouth forces open as a rubber ball finds its way between my teeth and the straps tighten firmly around the back of my head. I feel eager but afraid. My ass spreads open as his warm saliva slips down between my cheeks. I feel myself stretching as he pushes a cold, metal plug inside of me. I groan and can nearly hear Him smile. My mind becomes devoid of everything but Him, like a temporary madness.

The soft, suede, tresses of what I know to be a flogger drags along the meat of my backside. I whimper before they even hit, as the anticipation is almost more intense than the pain. I welcome the juice from my aching pussy trickling down the interior of my thighs. The flogger cracks and sharply makes contact with my skin. Through the gag, I muster a muffled "One! Thank you, Sir!" Again the sting finds its way to my upper back. "Two, thank you, Sir!" I whimper and moan as it continues to wash over me in waves. And at that moment everything becomes still, and I am floating with Him. I am His.

After a few minutes, His hand slips into mine and squeezes two times to which I squeeze two back. Unable to speak, I let him know that I am still with Him. I am always with Him. His fingers find my swollen cunt that sucks Him inside my hunger. They twist and swirl inside of me, prying me open for Him, preparing me. With a low groan, I become something primal, something insatiable. "Please" I whimper through the gag. "Please, What?" My Master responds. "Please, may I have your cock, Sir." A wicked growl emerges from His throat. His hand wraps around the rope binding my arms behind me as His cock plunges into my hole.

I am His wanting whore. I am His aching slut. I am His greedy slave. I am where I should be, stretched and full of His throbbing dick. He pounds deeper into me, and I push back onto Him begging him to take all of me, to use me for His pleasure. Over and over His swollen member exploits my need for salvation. I need to be filled, to be marked by His seed. I feel the rise in my belly and beg of Him to let me cum. "Please, Sir. Please, can I cum?" I muster as drool drips from the corners of my mouth. And He barks back. "Yes, slut. Cum with Daddy" I explode around Him as He shoots inside of me. My body begins to shake and quiver as I cry with pleasure. My knees tremble as He collapses on top of me, my Wolf growling in my ear.

He rolls off of me, over to my side and slips the blindfold off of my eyes. They squint and slowly bat open at the abrasiveness of the light. They find Him as His face comes into focus. A smirk preys across Sir's face, and He leans forward to lick the gag still in my mouth. "Welcome back, beautiful," He says as he pulls the plugs from my ears. His thumb traces across my cheek, and I purr sweetly. My body is limp, and my heart is content.

He rises to release my arms from their bindings, undoing one and then the other. The ache of being restricted for so long becomes apparent, and I whimper. He gently massages my shoulders, and they begin to relax as I crumble into a wet heap. Sir, removes the gag from my mouth and I stretch my jaw open, moving it back and forth. He returns to my side and wraps His arms around me pulling me close, knowing I am still in subspace. Planting smooth kisses upon my face, I smile sweetly and nuzzle into Daddy's nook. We lay there, an entangled mess of limbs and sweat, lost in each other, lost in the moment and we drift off to sleep.

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