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11 Tips For Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Jan 8

Recently, my partner, Rob, and I took the opportunity to do a couples boudoir shoot with Clare Black Photography, in Denver, CO. I've been doing boudoir shoots for quite some time, but there's something special about capturing the intimate moments between you and your partner. With help from Clare, we've put together a comprehensive list of how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. 

1. Do your Research 

When looking for a photographer, research photographers in your area. Compare their styles and choose the one that speaks to you. Reading reviews from other clients can also be helpful when selecting the right one for you. Some photographers will shoot in studio and others on location. If you don't have a beautiful space to shoot in, find a photographer with a studio. Be sure to have a clear understanding of the pricing structure for the session and what that includes. Some photographers will give you the entire set, and others charge for every image you want to have edited. Getting everything in writing, even if just in a confirmation email, can help eliminate issues with receiving your images.  Not all photographers do a lot of editing of their photos, so be clear about expectations ahead of time.  Be sure to book your appointment around your monthly. Most of us ladies feel bloated and unsexy during our periods. 

2. Book Your Beauty Appointments 

 Once you have your photo shoot scheduled, plan out your appointments for self-maintenance. If you color your hair, schedule an appointment. You don't want to look at your images and wish you had re-touched those roots! Men should get their hair cut the week before, as well. Book your waxing and facials the week before just in case you have any reactions. Make sure your nails, fingers AND toes, are in good shape. If you struggle with your hair and make-up book an appointment for the day of or do a practice round at home.  Make sure you are ready before your photographer arrives for your session. Typically shoots are between an hour or two, and it's important to be respectful of your photographers time. Your make up should look like you, but elevated. A strip of natural lashes can help brighten your eyes. Super thick, long lashes can make your eyes look heavy. 

3. Choose Your Attire 

Try everything on ahead of time. Plan your wardrobe out, down to your accessories and shoes. Put your least favorite outfit on first. The first images are rarely favorites. Choose outfits that highlight your body and make you feel the sexiest and most confident. Fishnets can help camouflage cellulite. Heels will help with posture. Thigh highs can be hot, but make sure they aren't too tight or cut you in a way that makes you look shorter. Baby doll's and corsets are a sexy way to hide tummies.  Let your photographer know what your favorite features are and what you're sensitive about so they know how to highlight you best. Bring your makeup, hairspray, brush, and comb for touch-ups. Also pick out any props you want to use like crops, roses, leashes, etc. Guys, have clean, well-fitting underwear and a selection of clothes, including dress pants, a button up, and tie. 

4. Love Your Skin

Avoid self-tanners and tan lines. They don't translate well. You don't need to be tan to have beautiful skin. Exfoliate and moisturize the day of. I like making a scrub out of essential oils, coconut oil, and raw sugar. 

5. Pinterest

It's helpful for both you and the photographer to have a board of images you like. Your board can include pictures that set the mood you want or poses you like. Visuals are an excellent tool for you to convey what you are looking for to your photographer. Having a set of poses prepared also helps prevent stage fright. Practice ahead of time in the mirror.

6. Eat and Stay Hydrated. 

Women will often skip eating before a shoot thinking it will help them slim down, which is not accurate. It's essential that you have the fuel you need to get through your photo shoot because modeling is harder than it appears. Avoid salty foods, sugars, and bread the week before. Be sure to drink lots of water. Bring a straw to avoid messing up your lipstick. The night before, get a good night sleep and avoid alcohol. Though it might sound helpful to calm your nerves, it will dehydrate your skin and often leave you red and splotchy. Occasionally a photographer will recommend a glass of champagne, but no more than one! 

7. Clean Your Space 

If your photographer is shooting you in your home, make sure you prepare by cleaning. Wash your bedding and put away all clutter. Clutter can be distracting in your image. 

8. Wear Loose Fitting Clothing 

Tight clothing like bras, jeans, belts, socks, etc. will leave marks on your skin. If you have tummy roll's, try to stay standing, sitting up straight or laying down before the shoot to avoid having red lines.

9. Relax and Connect

Spend a few moments meditating or deep breathing. If you are shooting with your partner, take a second to connect with them and get into a sexy space.  You want to convey your connection on camera and look relaxed. 

10. Respect Your Photographers Boundaries

When shooting with your partner, your sexuality should be implied. The photographer will often pose you in manners that suggest sexual acts, but unless agreed upon ahead of time, don't engage in sexual activities. Alternate between looking at your partner and the camera. Mix up your poses, so you have the best selection to choose from. 

11. Have Fun! 

Try not to over think it too much and enjoy the process. If you're having a good time, it will show in your final images.  Create a playlist full of music that helps you feel sexy and in the mood! 

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Your Kinky Kitty,

Jessica RAVAGE

*All images were shot with Clare Black Photography. Give her a call to book your session today.